FEN Strategic Plan



“To develop and train competent leaders with solid knowledge and skills in Business and Economics through its undergraduate, graduate, and executive development programs, who are capable of excelling in Chile and abroad; and to build and generate relevant new knowledge in the fields of Business and Economics that contributes to the development and competitiveness of the country and the Latin American region within an environment of academic rigor, excellence, and intellectual diversity. We aim to develop influential players in the national and regional business and economics communities who are able to provide and implement new, practical, and useful ideas for their countries”.



“To be one of the top 5 in Latin America and the best State School of Economics and Business in Latin America by 2020 in terms of quality reputation of its programs, graduates, and intellectual contributions and contribution to business and policy practice”.


Strategic Objectives
  • To be one of the top three Schools in Latin America in research and intellectual contributions production

  • To maintain and increase the excellence, quality and selectivity of our academic programs in terms of learning, development, and employability of our graduates

  • To maintain a financial equilibrium based on a mixed revenue stream, in order to sustain key academic initiatives

  • To promote changes in management systems and practices, structure, staff and infrastructure, needed to provide support to the academic and financial model

Strategic Initiatives

Students and Admissions

  • Student Admission Initiatives (Special Admission, Recruitment by Excellence)
  • Graduate Scholarship Program
  • International and Regional Promotion Program

Academic Programs

  • International and National Accreditation
  • AOL and Continuous Improvement Efforts
  • New programs, formats and locations
  • Undergraduate-Graduate Program Coordination
  • Double Degree Initiatives
  • Academic Programs Positioning

Faculty and Intellectual Contributions

  • Faculty Hiring and Development Plan Update
  • FEN Research Promotion Programs Review
  • New AACSB Accreditation Standards

External Connections and Placement

  • Under and Graduate Placement Initiatives
  • FEN Alumni and Advisory Board Initiatives
  • Expansion of International Experiences for Students
  • Visiting Faculty Program
  • External Connections
  • University and Inter-Schools Collaboration Projects

Infrastructure and Organization

  • FEN Master Plan Implementation and Update
  • New Information Systems (Financial, Academic, Support Staff)
  • Processes and Support Services Improvement
  • HR Strategic Plan

Financial Model and Resources

  • Financial Model Updating:
    - School Funding
    - Cost and Income Diversification
  • New Budgetary Process
  • Strategic Plan Review and Update