Masters Programs
Course designed for professionals from engineering, mathematics and the social sciences who wish to acquire a high level qualification in economic analysis.
Equips students to work at the highest level of any organization, advising, coordinating, and preparing and/or analysing the economic and financial data needed by businesses to inform planning and decision-making. 
Aims to equip graduates to manage and control information flow within businesses, vital for the achievement of strategic objectives in any organization.
Oriented to developing students’ analytical and research abilities at the highest levels of excellence in a range of areas of economics, improving professional performance in the public or the private sector.
Offers a balance of theoretical and practical training, preparing professionals to identify, tackle, and solve problems in the area of finance.
Promotes effective organizational management through the development of individual and group competitive advantage, and equips students to understand and solve organizational problems.
Develops knowledge of consumers, markets and competitiveness, and teaches students how to draw up a comprehensive marketing plan, all key elements in business success.
Aimed at professionals who want to position themselves as key actors in the design, implementation and management of public policy in the public or private sector. .
Offers the opportunity to master the knowledge and skills needed to deal in an interdisciplinary and comprehensive manner with the taxation dimension present in all economic transactions.
This is an initiative that arises from an alliance that brings together the best academic tradition of the School of Medicine, through the School of Public Health, the Institute of Health Administration (IAS) and the School of Economics and Business of the Universidad de Chile.
Masters program taught in Antofagasta, whose main objective is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and tools to tackle the taxation issues and variables present in all economic events from an interdisciplinary and comprehensive perspective.
Classes on Fridays and Saturdays, twice a month.