Lyonel Laulié

  • Profesor Asistente
    Formación Académica
  • Ph.D. in Business Management, Organizational Behavior track, Wayne State University, Detroit, USA
    Master in Human Resources and Labor Relations, Michigan State University, Míchigan, USA
    Magíster en Ciencias de la Ingeniería, mención Ingeniería Industrial, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Santiago, Chile
    Ingeniero Civil Industrial, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Santiago, Chile

  • Lyonel Laulié es Profesor Asistente del Departamento de Administración de la Facultad de Economía y Negocios de la Universidad de Chile.

    Actualmente el profesor Laulié realiza labores en el Journal of Managerial Psychology, Editorial Advisory Board Member.

    Campos de Investigación
  • Gestión de Personas, intercambios sociales, rotación de personal, y decisiones complejas en ambientes de trabajo.
Publicaciones en Revistas con Comité Editorial
2021 / Project team resilience: The effect of group potency and interpersonal trust / International Journal of Project Management - Vol. 39, No. 6
2021 / How leader contingent reward behavior impacts employee work engagement and turnover intention: the moderating role of age / Academia-Revista Latinoamericana de Administracion - Vol. 34, No. 4
2021 (Forthcoming) / The end is just the beginning: Turnover events and their impact on those who remain / PERSONNEL PSYCHOLOGY - Vol. 74, No. 3
2021 / Why Grant I-Deals? Supervisors’ Prior I-Deals, Exchange Ideology, and Justice Sensitivity / JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND PSYCHOLOGY - Vol. 36, No. 1
2020 / Contextualizing psychological contracts research: a multi-sample study of shared individual psychological contract fulfilment / European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology - Vol. 29, No. 2
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Academic/Professional meeting Proceedings
2017 / Construct validity and antecedents of shared team psychological contract fulfillment / Vol. 2.017, No. 1
Academic/Professional meeting Presentations
2014 / The effects of poverty on employee motivation: An experimental desing