07 de July, 2017

Conf-IRM 2017 with international invited guests

The School hosted the 10th iteration of the international “Conference on Information Resources Management, Conf-IRM”, whose academic organizing committee included professors Felix B Tan, of the University of New Zealand, and Ariel La Paz, of the Management Control Engineering and Information Systems department of the School.


The theme of the conference was “Democratization and Participation: the Role of the Person in a Digital World”.  Conf-IRM is affiliated to the Association for Information Systems (AIS), and provides a space for academics worldwide to share the results of their research on information systems management and decision-making.  It also allows members to improve their scholarship through peer collaboration and feedback, and to make their work known and available once published.


Academics from around the world attended the conference, whose first day featured a workshop with editors of key journals in the field, such as Anol Bhattacherjee (Journal of the Association of Information Systems); Patrick Chau, (Information & Management); Fred Niederman (The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems); and Alexandre Graeml (Revista Eletrônica de Sistemas de Informação).

Over the following days around 50 papers were presented and discussed in parallel sessions

Keynote addresses were given by Gabriel Purón, of CIDE Mexico (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas); and by Héctor Romero, innovations manager at Codelco Chile.  Mr Purón spoke on the theme of Latin America’s technological infrastructure, in a speech entitled “From Leaderless Revolution to Citizen-Centric ICT-enabled Tools for Democratization and Participation in Latin America”. 

In his address, entitled: “Digital Codelco, Driving the New Codelco”, Mr. Romero spoke on the subject of the copper giant’s evolving business model and the major challenges it faces.  He also discussed the firm’s strategic plan and its results, and spoke about the firm as a digital community. 

During the conference it was announced that next year’s Conf-IRM will be hosted by the UK’s Nottingham University, at its Chinese campus in Ningbó.