30 de June, 2021

Dean De Gregorio leads ranking for the Latam and Caribbean region and is among the three most cited Chilean economists in the world

Once again, Research Papers in Economics (Repec), one of the most prestigious rankings that qualifies the leading influential economists in the world through citation analysis, has among its most renowned 9 Chileans with 4 belonging to the Faculty of Economics and Business of Universidad de Chile.


The dean of the Faculty, José De Gregorio leads the ranking among his faculty peers with the most cited publications in Latin America and the Caribbean, and along with Ricardo Caballero (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) fellow) and Sebastián Edwards (University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) fellow), is one of the highest ranked Chileans in the world.


“It is remarkable that of the 9 Chileans who are in the top 5% of the ranking, 4 are from FEN. This speaks of the prestige that Universidad de Chile has always had in the training of economists throughout its history," said dean José De Gregorio.


The other FEN faculty members who also appear in this ranking at its 5% lower end are Eduardo Engel, Ramón López, and Claudio Raddatz.


Furthermore, if the ranking were to take into account only economists -Chilean and foreign- who work at State institutions, the ranking would be led by José De Gregorio, followed by Eduardo Engel, and Ramón López. A little further down we would find FEN faculty academics Alejandro Micco, Luis Felipe Céspedes, Roberto Álvarez, Damián C. Clarke, Dante Contreras, Pablo Serra, Manuel Agosin, Claudio Montegro, Ricardo French-Davis, Rómulo Chumacero, Andrés Gómez- Lobo, Daniel Hojman, Eugenio Figueroa, Francisco Pino, Fabián Duarte, Esteban Puentes, Jaime Ruiz-Tagle, Javier Núñez, and Jorge Selaive.