31 de August, 2020

Economics Nobel Prize winner Jean Tirole participated in a webinar organized by FEN and MIT

On Thursday 3rd September, the Economics Nobel Prize winner, Jean Tirole, participated in the cycle of webinars organized by the School of Economics and Business of the Universidad de Chile in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT.

In this seminar, entitled "Economics for the Common Good after Covid", Tirole explained the concepts behind his book "Economics for the Common Good”. In addition, he made an analysis of the health market, noting that "I have more and more interest in the health issue, not because of Covid, but because it is such a large industry and it is so important for the future, but the many failures in the market are impressive". 

He indicated that before the pandemic, there were many challenges and opportunities such as artificial intelligence and biogenetics, "but we are also facing global warming, and we are not prepared for this”.

"What I am suggesting," he said, "is that Covid will accelerate the evolution of society, and we will witness this in the areas of work, the economy and social sciences where there are ethical dilemmas. We cannot sink our head into the sand, I want the economy to work for the common good".

Jean Tirole has made important contributions on markets and regulation, and the relation between the state and business. Tirole chairs, together with Olivier Blanchard, a commission of leading experts in France, including other Nobel Prize winners, that analyses the challenges caused by economic crises in France and the world.

This cycle of FEN-MIT webinars has previously hosted guests such as Carmen Reinhart, chief economist of the World Bank; Daron Acemoglu, professor of economics at MIT; Alejandro Werner, director of the Western Hemisphere Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Sebastián Edwards, professor of International Economics at UCLA and Eduardo Engel, Director of Espacio Publico and FEN academic, among other prominent national and international personalities.

Likewise, every week, the meetings are moderated by FEN Dean José De Gregorio, former president of the Central Bank, and Roberto Rigobon, a prominent MIT academic.

This and the next webinar will be held in collaboration with Radio Cooperativa, a media partner.

The School of Economics and Business has always sought to contribute ideas to the national debate from an economic, business and social perspective, especially in the current context where the country and the world are faced with huge health and economic challenges.