14 de November, 2018

FEN in the Lead as the Best Management, Economics and Business School in Latin America According to Arwu Ranking

The 2018 edition of the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), in its measurement by disciplines, positioned the areas of Management, Economics and Business of FEN as the leaders in Chile and Latin America.
Although most of the measurements in terms of university rankings focus on universities as a whole, there are several dimensions that review the development of higher education institutions in terms of specific disciplines. 
The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), better known as the Shanghai Ranking, has existed since 2003 and has placed the Universidad de Chile as the leader in Chile in its general ranking of institutions for 15 consecutive years, something that it has also endorsed with its measurement of disciplines, where, this year, 54 knowledge areas were evaluated based on criteria such as academic journal citation levels and statistics, international collaboration and awards to academics, and staff of universities, analyzing the quality of work and academic staff.
If last year the Universidad de Chile appeared prominent in the rankings of 17 disciplines worldwide, this year the figure rose to 25, and in 8 of these it held first place in Latin America, double that in 2017 where it led in Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Transportation Science and Technology, and Management. This year, in addition to these knowledge areas, Political Science, Economics, Business Administration were added.
Best in Latin America:
• Computer Science (ranked 301-400 in the world)
• Mathematics (ranked 201-300 in the world)
• Management (ranked 201-300 in the world)
• Transportation Science & Technology (ranked 101-150 in the world)
• Political Science (ranked 201-300 in the world)
• Economics (ranked 201-300 in the world)
• Business Administration (ranked 201-300 in the world)
• Earth Sciences (ranked 151-200 in the world)
Best in Chile:
• Mining and Mineral Engineering (ranked 51-75)
• Atmospheric Sciences (ranked 301-400)
• Dentistry (ranked 101-150)
• Biology (ranked 301-400)
• Pharmaceutical Sciences (ranked 301-400)
• Agricultural Sciences (ranked 301-400)
• Medicine (ranked 301-400)
• Human and Biological Sciences (ranked 401-500)
• Ecology (ranked 301-400)
• Environmental Engineering (ranked 401-500)
• Biotechnology (ranked 401-500)