29 de October, 2020

IMF chief economist spoke at recent FEN-MIT series webinar

Gita Gopinath, chief economist of the International Monetary Fund and the first woman to occupy the post, participated this past Thursday, October 29, in the cycle of webinars organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business of Universidad de Chile (FEN) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

FEN’s dean and former president of the Central Bank of Chile, José De Gregorio, along with Roberto Rigobon, a prominent MIT fellow, moderated the event.

During the seminar, entitled "Overlook for the World Economy", the Harvard professor also spoke on the impact the current health crisis has had on global economy, specifically in Latin America, two weeks after presenting the World Economic Outlook Report where she stressed "this crisis is far from over."

Born and raised in India, Gopinath completed her studies in both India and the United States. She has concentrated her studies of economics in international finance and macroeconomics, holds a Master's in Economics from the University of Delhi and a Ph.D. from Princeton University, where she graduated in 2001. Ms. Gopinath is recognized as one of the best economists in the world, with extensive academic and international experience.

Please download the presentation here