29 de January, 2024

Authorities from the University of Groningen strengthen ties with FEN UChile

The University of Chile is one of the strategic partners outside the EU for the University of Groningen, which visited the country with a delegation of 13 authorities, led by the rector, Dr. Jacquelien Scherpen.


After a meeting at the central campus, Professors Robert Lensink, Vice Dean of Research at the Faculty of Economics and Business, and Elmer Sterken, former rector and board advisor, visited FEN to meet with the Director of the Ph.D. Program in Economics, Professor Esteban Puentes. Subsequently, they held a meeting with authorities from the faculty, led by Dean José De Gregorio, Vice Dean Enrique Manzur, Óscar Landerretche, Director of the MAE (double-degree program with UG), and Rodrigo Uribe, Director of the Graduate School.


The meeting covered the current status of exchange and double-degree agreements, as well as the possibility of establishing collaborations at the doctoral level and faculty visits to further strengthen the close bond between the two faculties.


The University of Groningen ranks among the top 100 universities globally according to the Shanghai Ranking and has been a partner of FEN UChile since 2009. To date, 51 FEN students have participated in mobility programs with Groningen, and 60 students from the latter university have visited our faculty.