09 de November, 2020

Faculty member Pedro Hidalgo receives an important distinction from ASFAE

The director of the Department of Administration, Professor Pedro Hidalgo was awarded for his exceptional academic career and contributions to the field of management science, which is conferred annually by the Association of Senior Directors of the Faculties of Administration, Business or Commerce - ASFAE 2020. 

This recognition was awarded during the XXXVI version of the National Meeting of Schools and Faculties of Administration - ENEFA 2020, which brought together academics from the various Schools and Faculties of Administration in Chile, to debate and analyze the challenges that Business Schools will face in terms of the present and new social agenda.

Professor Hidalgo has a vast and prominent career in the field of marketing, strategic communication, market research, and consumer behavior, with publications in important international journals. He has been invited to teach at important Business Schools in Europe and Los Angeles, USA and has been a visiting scholar at two universities in the United States. He has also been invited to speak at various international conferences.

Currently, in addition to directing the academic department, he is also the academic director of the Global MBA for the Americas Graduate School. He is a member of the FEN Council, part of the Academic Committee of the FEN MBA programs, participant of the Editorial Committee of the Economía y Administración Mirada FEN magazine, member of the ICARE Marketing Circle, a member of the Effie Jury, MKT Best and Marketing Hall of Fame / Big Brands as well as part of the Editorial Committee of the ANDA (National Association of Advertisers) and Publimark.cl Marcas y Marketing magazine. He is also a regular member of the AMBA (MBA Association) accreditation panels for Latin American universities.

He has been a member of the International Board of CLADEA (Latin American Council of Management Schools) and has been awarded with the Marketing Best for his career, as well as the Best Undergraduate and Graduate Professor.