03 de March, 2022

FEN kicks off the school year with in-person classes

After two consecutive years of remote classes, the FEN opens its doors to its sophomore and undergraduate students of 2022.

Ad portas of a new academic year, the Faculty of Economics and Business reopens its doors to receive old and new students belonging to the three majors that form part of the faculty.

After two years in which we were forced to suspend all in-person academic activities to protect the health of our FEN community, opting for remote and hybrid modality lessons -when sanitary conditions allowed for it-, this year we are pleased to kick off the year with in-person classes. 

In compliance with all sanitary conditions, FENs full return to in-person classes and attendance is once again part of our daily lives. Reason why, upon entering the faculty, all will be asked to present their updated Mobility Pass.

At FEN, despite the country’s current health crisis, we were able to overcome adversity and minimize the impact on our community, adapting to new conditions and continuing our educational work.

It is for this last reason that we would like to thank each and every one of those involved, both teachers and students, for the great effort and commitment put in during these past two years, as well as our faculty members who allowed us to continue with our obligation and firm purpose of providing the best higher education possible.

We would like to invite you this upcoming March 7, to enjoy this new stage that lies ahead, confident that we will continue to open up more and more, welcoming new generations and supporting them to grow into professionals of excellence.

Welcome to the FEN, we wish you much success in this new academic year!