15 de July, 2022

FEN signs new agreements with universities abroad

The Directorate of International Relations (DRI) of the Faculty of Economics and Business of U. de Chile recently signed new academic cooperation and exchange agreements with four major universities in the region.

The agreements with these institutions -which correspond to the Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia), George Washington University (United States), University of Saskatchewan and the University of Windsor (Canada) - aim to "lay the foundations to carry out joint academic and/or scientific activities, to promote understanding and goodwill, to strengthen cultural ties, and provide international and intercultural experiences for students and faculty", as stated in the agreements.

Through these agreements, the students of the FEN have the opportunity to experience an academic exchange program at one of these institutions of higher education, while teachers can participate in visits and research projects.

The  Summer English agreement with the University of Windsor allows FEN students to take an intensive English program at this university, benefiting those who seek to improve their English skills without the need to take an entire semester abroad.

In addition to these agreements, the DRI was also able to increase the exchange vacancies for two of the most sought-after universities by students, KU Leuven (Belgium) and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), reaching 6 and 8 vacancies respectively.

Currently, there are 152 undergraduate students who are undertaking academic exchange programs, living a multicultural experience in foreign universities around the world.

For more information on the exchange programs available, please visit the DRI website.