06 de March, 2024

International Exchange Students Welcomed to FEN for the Autumn 2024 Semester

In a vibrant start to the academic year, the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEN) proudly greeted a diverse group of 90 international students who have embarked on their educational journey at FEN for the first semester 2024. The warm reception took place during an informative orientation session, setting the stage for what promises to be a culturally enriching experience.

Dean José De Gregorio and Vice Dean Enrique Manzur participated in the inaugural session, with Dean De Gregorio extending a heartfelt welcome to the new group of exchange students.. He encouraged the students to make the most of their time not only within the academic confines but also to explore and understand the vibrant realities of Latin America.

The head of FEN's International Office, María Eugenia Jimenez, expressed excitement about the diverse group of students, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome 90 exchange students representing 44 universities from across the globe, including countries such as France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Mexico, and Uruguay, reflecting an impressive array of 17 nationalities."

Among the 90 international exchange students, the most represented nationalities are 34 from France, 14 from the United States, 13 from the Netherlands, and 10 from Germany. Some of the universities from which these students come from include: Wageningen University, Aalto University School of Business, Carleton University, Maastricht University, Neoma Business School, Nova School of Business and Economics, Radboud University, Rennes School of Business, Sciences Po Paris, University of Canterbury, University of Georgia, University of Groningen, University of Ottawa, and University of South Carolina.

As the international students embark on their academic journey at FEN, we extend our warmest wishes for a successful and fulfilling 2024, trusting that the exchange of ideas and cultures will enrich both the students and the FEN community.