08 de March, 2022

International Woman’s Day #8M Commemoration: FENs commitment to gender equality

Committed to equality and the creation of a more just and discrimination-free society, at the Faculty of Economics and Business we want to commemorate such a significant date with various activities throughout this month.
During March as well as highlighting the important role that women play in society, at FEN we will also be supporting the vindication of their legitimate rights, contributing to inclusion and informed discussions around this issue.
These initiatives, scheduled throughout March, form part of our mission to help improve social biases generated towards women in every area of life, working and advancing to promote gender equity both inside and outside the FEN.
It is for these same purposes that for some time, as a community, we have contributed in facing this problem through various programs. One of them is the Priority Enrollment for Gender Equity for the Business Management major, which allows more women to join our faculty and thus advance in gender parity.
In conjunction with the People Management Observatory, a program was also carried out aimed at preparing and delivering the necessary tools to implement Change Management with a Gender Perspective, attending to the demands faced by professionals in the area of Human Resources management in terms of the challenges faced with equity and the inclusion of women in organizations.
Furthermore, a research alliance between the FEN People Management Observatory with the international association Women in Mining was recently announced. The study will be developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity and the Embassy of Canada in our country, with the aim of learning in greater depth the obstacles that women must overcome in the mining industry, as well as the good labor practices that have allowed women to endure in the field; among many other initiatives that we have carried out in recent years.
Lastly, we would like to invite you to review the future activities we have scheduled for this month. We will be updating the information:
- "Leading from the Feminine" a talk with Tatiana Camps.
To attend in-person (limited seats), register here. It will also be broadcast on the faculty’s YouTube channel FENUChile.