11 de January, 2021

Joseph Ramos: Chosen by his peers as 2020’s Outstanding Economist

“Brilliant, creative, enthusiastic, empathetic, down-to-earth, unwavering, an avid reader and very close to God. These are the attributes that consistently come up amongst his circle when describing Joseph Ramos Quiñones”, starts off the in-depth article published by Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, recognizing the distinguished academic from Universidad de Chile’s Faculty of Economics and Business as 2020’s Outstanding Economist.

The distinction given by the daily newspaper is held through a massive vote by other prominent economists in the country showcasing peer opinion.
“He has been a great student instructor and was a notable dean. He improved FEN’s physical and technological infrastructure, modernized the curricular networks, introduced an internationalization program and has been a great advocate of inclusion”, states in the article FEN’s current Dean, José De Gregorio, who was awarded with the same distinction in 2011.