29 de July, 2021

The FEN is back to in person classes ensuring the care of our community

With great enthusiasm we’ve re-opened the doors of our faculty for our first hybrid classes. A day to remember, packed with emotions, joy, and student’s high expectations, marked this gradual opening process.

This milestone allowed for classmates to meet again, as well as have in person contact with our faculty. Furthermore, it provided the freshman and sophomore  class that enrolled in 2020 and 2021 to have classes at the faculty facilities for the first time, after opting enrolling to attend the hybrid classes and in this way experience on campus life with our FEN community.

The buildings enabled on this occasion were the Tecnoaulas study rooms "Classroom H", Plaque "Classroom P" and Tower 26 " Classroom T". It should be noted that, to safeguard the entire community, each student and staff member had to show their mobility pass at the FEN entrance hall, as well as having the proper sanitary conditions and the permitted capacity within the classrooms.

With this initiative we hope to continue to move forward in resuming connections, friendships and contact between our community and proudly acknowledge the work and effort made by the FEN staff to bring us closer and continue to receive our students.

 “Everything worked perfectly, we had a lot of support. It is obviously much more pleasant to be in the classroom with our students,” expressed Katia Soto, academic of the Introduction to Technology course. “The goal is to get people excited so that those who can sign up for the in-person classes do so and we can come together. That they feel encouraged to come and feel what it means to reconnect with their classmates and teachers in person. The experience is highly recommended,” she pointed out.

We are proud to be one of the few universities to offer classes in a hybrid format. We look forward to continuing to increase student flow, gradually, safely, and carefully, so that classes at FEN-UChile are once again part of our daily life… Welcome back!