14 de January, 2022

The FEN signs a collaboration agreement with Universidad de Chile’s Football Club

The agreement seeks to promote and create common projects between the Faculty and the Club.

Last Thursday, January 13, a new collaboration agreement between the Faculty of Economics and Business, and Universidad de Chile’s Azul Azul S.A Professional Football Club concessionaire, was signed. The ceremony was attended by José De Gregorio, dean of the FEN, the club’s president Michael Clark, as well as other authorities of both institutions.

This agreement adds on to the memorandum of understanding signed between Universidad de Chile and Azul Azul S.A, that promotes mutual cooperation in teaching, research, extension activities and sports actions in areas of common interest, in order to fulfill the mission and purposes of both institutions. The memorandum, in its third clause, provides that specific collaborative activities must be carried out by means of an annex, in which their particular conditions shall be set forth. Therefore, this new agreement seeks to promote the Football School "Bullanguer@s", a social engagement project created by the FEN in 2013, which seeks for a children’s sports training on the Faculty’s field.

During the signing, the Dean highlighted the importance of sports, physical exercise and integral training as a contribution to life, indicating that "sport is education". "We are extremely pleased with this agreement, we have both the facilities and the team to really do something good and continue in this project, and to advance as an example for other faculties and institutions," he added.

Michael Clark equally expressed how proud he is with the alliance, emphasizing on its significance: "We have a social commitment, we not only shape good players, but also shape good people. And this agreement allows us to move forward on that path, through an agreement where all our children, from the age of six onwards, have access to teachers and classes from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Chile."

This new milestone adds to a trajectory of integration of sport and physical exercise to the educational model of the FEN, where "Bullanguer@s FEN" has been part of this path.

"We left in October 2013 with 15 children where most were close neighbors to the Faculty, with the objective of being able to be 'their backyard, considering that they have few green areas to do their activities. Today... nine years later and in the midst of the pandemic, we have 80 boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 14, underlining the importance of this social project that provides an opportunity to those who do not have options to apply for a football school, and where the main objective is also to develop values and skills for life ... this is not a competitive school, it is valuable one.", commented the Director of FENs Nexo Deportes y Formación Integral, Javier Chacón R., who coordinates both the school and the recent cooperation agreement.

This agreement hopes to continue strengthening ties between the FENs university community and Azul Azul, and thus continue to collaborate not only in sports issues, but to expand it to other areas of the Faculty and the Club, such as labor insertion, professional internships and jobs.