01 de September, 2021

UChile’s MBA program is the forerunner in economics, marketing, finance and operations according to AméricaEconomía 2021’s MBA Ranking

Universidad de Chile’s Postgraduate Program, which has different versions for the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Business, continues among the region’s best ranked for five consecutive years. In this latest edition, the  MBA program obtained the first places in four of the seven specialties evaluated by the classification and stayed among the Top 10 in the three remaining fields.


Latin America’s main  business school ranking, prepared annually by AméricaEconomía magazine, placed UChile’s MBA in first place for the fields of economics, marketing, finance, and operations maintaining its leadership position at regional level in the last three areas of this classification since 2016, and recovering first place for ??economics, last attained in 2018.


Although it ranked first place in four of the seven specialties evaluated by the classification, it also held firm within the Top 10 in the remaining three: entrepreneurship and innovation (3), human resources and organizational behavior (4), and strategy and ethics (8 ).


In each of these four areas (economics, marketing, finance, and operations), UChile’s MBA scored an evident advantage over the other schools, merits to the quality of its professors, the number of specialized teachers, and its contribution to the development of new knowledge in management, generating innovative solutions for companies because of its research work applied to real cases and actual experiences. All the above aiding first-class and updated preparation to professionals who seek a significant career impact.


Christian Diez, executive and academic director of the Master of Business Management and Administration - MBA UChile indicated that “this success is the product of our focus on training professionals with relevant, up-to-date skills and knowledge to address the complex challenges and opportunities that companies and organizations currently face, which require managers with a comprehensive vision, in depth understanding of management fundamentals, capable of making rational decisions, while being able to form and lead teams, formulate and implement innovative strategies, without repeating simplistic recipes. No other university in the region has accomplished a similar achievement, not for so long ”.


The director of the Postgraduate School of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Professor Mauricio Jara, adds on “we are proud of this recognition, which is the result of our faculty’s commitment, perseverance and dedication that is continuously improving, reflected in the results obtained by the MBA and its top position in marketing, finance, economics and operations. Our graduates stand out for their pronounced sensitivity in grasping the social phenomena, key factor for the success of any business at a global level, thanks to the educational hallmark provided by Universidad de Chile”.


Universidad de Chile’s program, which has different versions for the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Business, permanently occupies outstanding positions in the publication prepared by AméricaEconomía Intelligence, and during the last five years has continued in the top 5 for Latin America’s finest. This year it achieved its best result in 26 years, ranking as the third best MBA at the regional level and second in Chile.


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