19 de May, 2021

What Comes after COVID? An Economic Outlook through the Lens of Latin America

As part of the series "Beyond Our Borders: Spotlight Chile", carried out in cooperation with the Chilean and American Chamber of Commerce and the Honorary Consulate of Chile in Philadelphia, the online webinar What Comes after COVID?  An Economic Outlook through the Lens of Latin America, delivered by the Philadelphia Council on World Affairs and the Center for Global Interdependence.


With the participation of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, José De Gregorio, and the founder of Andares and former president of the Central Bank of Argentina, Alfonso Prat-Gay, the economic state of Latin America as a result of the impact of the Covid health crisis was discussed.


Although a certain level of economic recovery is expected during 2021, the event addressed the growing uncertainty for emerging markets due to the disease that plagues the region, which resulted in the economic contraction in approximately 7,4 percent during 2020, according to the International Monetary Fund.


In addition to having the presence of two of the largest economies in the region represented in the panel, Argentina and Chile, economic projections and forecasts were made regarding the future needs that Latin America will require to overcome the pandemic’s long-term consequences.